the Strength of Paper 纸的力量


  • Exhibition Location: Maastricht, the Netherlands
  • Team: Roy Yin
  • Year: 2014

The History of Data Storage Analysis and Its Proposal

Paper, one of the most important inventions in the world, became the media for carrying the knowledge and information 2100 years ago. When we read messages from this media, we call it “book” as the terminal to read the messages. If we look though the history of how human store the knowledge and information, we could find the media of carrier become smaller and smaller, but the data, it can store, become bigger and bigger.

Why book can survive until now? It would be a lot of reason, but one of the vital answer should be the size of the terminal. For example, one DVD can hold a lot of data, but we need to use at least a screen to read the data. The screen as the terminal is so big. From the graphic below we could clearly see the small volume of the paper terminal but carry a lot of knowledge. So paper is one of the key element of a normal public library.

Therefore Roy Yin used paper as the material to create something extreme to attract people and remind people one of the most important elements in the library. By making a 4-floor high self-standing paper sculpture in middle of the void of the library, it would attract people and show the confliction between the softness of paper and the power of the paper. Finally, he was succeed in making the paper sculpture in the Ridder Gallery, Maastricht, the Netherlands.

  • 展览地点: Maastricht, the Netherlands
  • 团队:  尹健江
  • 年份: 2014




所以Roy Yin用纸来创作,创造出一种极致的东西去吸引人,以此来使人们想起纸张是图书馆最重要的元素。如果有一个四层楼高的纸雕塑靠自身结构可以立在图书馆中央的位置,这将会吸引人们的眼球,并可以展示纸张的柔软和纸张的力量间的对比和矛盾。最后,他成功地在Ridder画廊制作出纸雕塑,并在画廊展出。


the Great Indoors 2013. More Than Books. KABK the Hague.

2.paper sculpture in the library