The Shrinking Office Project 微缩办公


  • Location: the Hague, the Netherlands
  • Team: Roy Yin
  • Year: 2014

The New Ways of Working

From the beginning of the industrial age, people went to the same cubicle, sitting on the same chair, working on the same desk and doing the same job everyday. But technology development, flexible management, flexible schedule, individual demands changed the fixed working to flexible working, from cubicle to open plan office. It gave people the opportunities to work outside the office, afterward the over-built offices started to face the vacant situation.

Roy Yin tries to create a new kind of office design that meets the shrinking office phenomenon. In his point of view, if people shrink the office into its limit and implement lively program such as cafe, market and so on, the office would not shrink anymore. As a result, he creates a playful office format for the workers and took advantage of every inch of the space.

In Roy’s design, the office consists of units in different heights based on human’s need, allowing people to work and meet everywhere, in many postures, in the office. For example: The one in the corner can talk with the one who is upstairs. With this format, it is able to create a free working environment for people in any office to fulfill their individual working needs.


  • 地点: 荷兰海牙
  • 团队: 尹健江
  • 年份: 2014





entrance example 1


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