Yufa Wu 吴宇发

10 years+ study and work experience in Australia and the United States, graduated from the business school of the University of Sydney, started his career as an account manager in Huawei Technologies. Multiple years of marketing, advertising and strategic planning in the U.S., serviced clients include McDonalds, Nissan, Citi Bank, Lowes and Dish Networks. Most recently a regional sales manager in Southern California, expertise in multi-cultural collaboration, team building and leadership, brand strategic planning,market development and business opportunity discovery.

超10年美澳留学工作经历,悉尼大学商学院毕业,职业生涯开始于华为客户经理。多年美国营销广告策划经验,服务企业包括:麦当劳,日产汽车,花旗银行,Lowes, Dish Networks。美国南加州区域营销经理,擅长多元文化协作,团队建设与领导,品牌战略策划,市场开拓和发掘商业机会。