Roy Yin 尹健江

—Top Talent Nominee from the Hague and Berlin Design Festival, with profound passion and tenacious endeavors to employ both original and unconventional concepts to practices of space, object and identity. Relentless strive to always stand at the crossroad of artistic thinking, sculptural identity and his own unique modular system for every piece of creation.

—Founder, Chief Designer and CEO of Royin Studio in Guangzhou, China.

—Apprentice of illustrious institutions including the ZUS, OMA, Doppel Strijkers,Superuse Studio, Shift Architure and an honored contributor for their projects, while earning his master at the Royal Academy of Art in the Netherlands.

—Has worked for the Guangdong Zhonggong Architectural Design Institute, O-office Architects, SKF International Education Group in China.

—Started as an independent and innovation-driven designer in Rotterdam, Netherlands in 2015 and exhibited through the Hague, Rotterdam, Berlin and Maastricht in Europe.




—师承于ZUS, OMA, Doppel Strijkers, Superuse Studio, Shift Architecture, 并获得荷兰皇家艺术学院硕士与皇家注册室内建筑师认证。